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Institute for Bible translation, Russia\CIS
Institute for Bible Translation, Russia/CIS
Institute for Bible Translation, Russia\CIS. News.
  here you can download the electronic versions of IBT translations of the Bible texts into the Yakut language:

Psalms in the Yakut language. IBT, 2009.

PDF, FB2, Epub, mobi

The New Testament in the Yakut language. IBT, 2008.

PDF (to navigate through the file, use the table of contents in bookmarks in Acrobat Reader)

FB2, Epub

Split by books:

Gospel of Mathew, PDF

Gospel of Mark, PDF

Gospel of Luke, PDF

Gospel of John, PDF

Acts of Apostles, PDF

Romans, PDF

1 Corinthians, PDF

2 Corinthians, PDF

Galatians, PDF

Ephesians, PDF

Colossians, PDF

Philippians, PDF

1 Thessalonians, PDF

2 Thessalonians, PDF

1 Timothy, PDF

2 Timothy, PDF

Titus, PDF

Philemon, PDF

Hebrews, PDF

James, PDF

1 Peter, PDF

2 Peter, PDF

1 John, PDF

2 John, PDF

3 John, PDF

Jude, PDF

Revelation, PDF

Glossary, PDF

If you are interested in obtaining this book write to: ibt_inform@ibt.org.ru

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